Below is a verbatim e-mail from Sara at Fresh Air Fund; she is right I do not blog about anything except adoption law and related stories. I guess she got me at a weak moment.
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I know that this isn’t something that you typically post about, but I thought that you and

A Consent and Relinquishment( "Consent") is an adoption attorney’s best tool for a smooth adoption. With one from each parent in hand , the adoption will be made final with few or no problems with few exceptions.

Executing a consent can be as easy as executing a simple will or as complicated as executing a complex contract between

In Roe v. Reeves, the adoptive parents appeal a family court’s decision where the birth father claims his consent was necessary prior to another couple adopting his child. The family court agreed with the father; the Supreme Court reversed stating that the father did not undertake sufficient good faith effort to assume parental responsibility

Any father whose consent and relinquishment is required must be named a defendant in an adoption proceeding if he does not consent and relinquish his rights.

If the child was conceived or born during the marriage of husband and wife whether or not the husband is the actual father, the husband’s consent and relinquishment is required. If he

The 2010 tax credit is refundable up to $13,170. If your child is determined to be special needs then you will receive the whole tax credit no matter how much you spent. My friends at have a great article explaining the tax credit thoroughly at this link. By the way, refundable means you