Artificial Insemination is mentioned one time in the South Carolina adoption statutes under the Responsible Father Registry statute.  The implication is that a father who consents to artificial insemination continues to have rights to the child and may preserve those rights by filing with the Responsible Father Registry. Section 63-9-820(L) of the South Carolina

“Withdrawal of any consent and relinquishment is not permitted except by order of the court after notice and opportunity to be heard is given to all persons concerned, and except when the court finds that the withdrawal is in the best interest of the child and that the consent or relinquishment was not given voluntarily

In Roe v. Reeves, the adoptive parents appeal a family court’s decision where the birth father claims his consent was necessary prior to another couple adopting his child. The family court agreed with the father; the Supreme Court reversed stating that the father did not undertake sufficient good faith effort to assume parental responsibility

Any father whose consent and relinquishment is required must be named a defendant in an adoption proceeding if he does not consent and relinquish his rights.

If the child was conceived or born during the marriage of husband and wife whether or not the husband is the actual father, the husband’s consent and relinquishment is required. If he

As of 1 July 2010 attorney’s may search the Responsible Father Registry. This link will take you to the registration page; an attorney who wishes to search the registry for a pending adoption or termination of parental rights matter will need to register through the above link to be authorized to search the registry.

The registration process takes

If you want to protect your parental rights as a father you need to register at the Responsible Father Registry.

Please read my blog post at  and Responsible Father Registry Q & A  to help you more fully understand the Responsible Father Registry.