In his adoption practice,Russell W. Hall III puts an emphasizes on catering to his clients’ needs and wants to help them feel comfortable and confident that the child they are trying to bring into their family through adoption will in fact be part of their family once the judge makes the final ruling.


Russell offers services in such areas as:

  • Third-party Adoptions
  • Step-Parent Adoptions
  • Blood-Relative Adoptions
  • Single-Parent Adoptions
  • Interstate Adoptions
  • Domestication of Foreign Adoptions
  • Birth Father Rights/Contesting an Adoption
  • Adult Adoptions
  • Guardian Ad Litem
  • Consent and Relinquishments of Birth Parents

To make his clients feel comfortable and confident with adoption process, Russell ensures as best he can that the birth parents are ready and willing to transfer their rights and obligation to his clients. Because an adoption is fraught with so many emotions especially from his clients and the birth parents, Russell makes ever effort to know all the people involved with each adoption to ensure that the process moves forward with as little surprise as possible; this too helps the adoptive parents feel more comfortable and confident as the adoption moves forward.

The list of people involved with an adoption can be limited to a few in the case of an adult adoption or can expand to several in a third-party adoption. In the latter case, Russell may know and talk with or talk with the birth mother; birth father; guardian ad litem; the individual taking the consent and relinquishment from the birth mother and birth father; the charging nurse at the hospital; the physician; other hospital staff; the individual performing the home-study, investigative report, and background check; relatives of the biological parents; relatives of the adoptive parents; if contested, opposing council; the judge; and etc. He believes that it is important to understand the needs and fears of these people and gain rapport with them to help make the transfer of parental rights and obligations from the biological parents to the adoptive parents move forward smoothly.

In fact, Russell has learned it is as important to work with and gain rapport with all the people involved in the adoption as it is to understand adoption law. Russell has dedicated his practice to coupling his knowledge and love of adoption law with his ability and desire to work with all the people involved in an adoption; this dedication has made his practice successful.