“In South Carolina, there is a common law presumption that a child born during lawful wedlock is a child of the marriage.”  Fisher v. Tucker, 388 S.C. 388, 697 S.E.2d 548 (S.C. 2010).

“No judgment of divorce from the bonds of matrimony shall render illegitimate the child begotten of the marriage.” Section 20-3-200

In Roe v. Reeves, the adoptive parents appeal a family court’s decision where the birth father claims his consent was necessary prior to another couple adopting his child. The family court agreed with the father; the Supreme Court reversed stating that the father did not undertake sufficient good faith effort to assume parental responsibility

I think adoption can be a wonderful process in which a family is legally made. As most of us who have families are aware it take more than a piece of paper to make a family a family, and under the best of circumstances, raising children can be and in most instances is a challenge.

I hope that those of

Section 63-7-40 of the South Carolina Code of Laws, as amend, provides distressed young women and men an opportunity to surrender a new born child without being prosecuted for abandoning the child.

The above section provides that a person who leaves an infant at a  safe haven or directs another person to do so must not