A Consent and Relinquishment( "Consent") is an adoption attorney’s best tool for a smooth adoption. With one from each parent in hand , the adoption will be made final with few or no problems with few exceptions.

Executing a consent can be as easy as executing a simple will or as complicated as executing a complex contract between two major companies.

The first step in making the process easier is to have a network of attorneys and DSS approved individual that you can call on to help you with the consents. This step takes time and is essential for the success of an adoption practice. I have several local attorneys I work with on my adoptions, and I have a couple of folks I work with statewide. I have found their quick response valuable to a smooth adoption. I continually work on growing this network. In fact, please call me at 843-267-0906 if you need help in Horry, Georgetown, Marion, Dillon, and Florence Counties, and call me if you would like to be a part of my network. Another benefit to this network is these same attorneys will contact you when they need help. I have learned that the more you let people know what you do and what you need the bigger your network  grows. Do not neglect this step.

The second step in making the process easier is to retain the person who is going to take the consent as soon as possible. I generally contact someone from my network to take the consent right after my first contact with the potential adoptive parents even before they have retained me. This does several things for me. First, it helps build rapport between me and the individual I am working with. Second, it gives the individual a heads-up so he can check his schedule to see if he will be available around the due date. Third, it is one less thing I have to do once the adoption process starts. Fourth, if the adoptive parents do retain my services, I can tell them I already have someone lined-up to take the cosents.

In essence, have friends before you need them, and be prepared.