This link will take you the AAICPC Website. A map of the United States will appear; select the state to find contact information for the ICPC office and special requirements for that state.

South Carolina has nine requirements listed on its page; I have copied them below for your convenience.

Special Adoption Information Required in South Carolina. Social, medical, and legal documents must be forwarded to Deputy Compact Administrator: (1) Set of 100 A’s for each child; (2) Birth Family’s Social/Medical Information: (3) At least one Birth Parent’s consents. If both birth parents have not surrendered or have rights terminated, documentation of the attempts to locate and protect the rights to the birth parent.; (4) Documentation of Compliance with the Indian Child Welfare Act; (5) Court Findings of Unusual or Exceptional Circumstances for SC Birth Child being adopted by out of state residents; (6) Adoptive Family’s Pre-Placement Investigation; (7) Copies of adoptive Family’s Background Checks (Child Abuse/Neglect Clearances, State Criminal History Checks, Sexual Offenders Checks); (8) Official hospital birth report (labor and delivery/discharge summary); (9) Fee disclosure statement.