Putative Father Registry

As of 1 July 2010 attorney’s may search the Responsible Father Registry. This link will take you to the registration page; an attorney who wishes to search the registry for a pending adoption or termination of parental rights matter will need to register through the above link to be authorized to search the registry.

The registration process takes

If you want to protect your parental rights as a father you need to register at the Responsible Father Registry.

Please read my blog post at https://www.southcarolinaadoptionlaw.com/2009/12/articles/biological-father-1/john-doe-rip-responsible-father-registry-is-law-1-januarly-2010/  and Responsible Father Registry Q & A  to help you more fully understand the Responsible Father Registry.

The text below is extracted  from www.justia.com and gives a great summary of a U.S. Supreme Court Case involving unwed fathers’ rights and the putative father registry. After reading this case, I doubt the new South Carolina Responsible Father Registry will have any serious U.S. Constitutional challenges.

U.S. Supreme Court

Lehr v. Robertson, 463 U.S. 248

Under certain circumstances, the adoptive parents are required to give an unmarried father notice of the adoption proceeding. The statute list seven categories of fathers whom the adoptive parents are required to send notice of the adoption proceeding.

The Governor signed into law the Responsible Father Registry on the 2 June 2009. This new law